General Videos
“Why harvest rainwater? - Save our plants, Save our Environment.” Gary Delong discusses why it’s important to harvest rainwater. Features 1000 gallon RainReserve system installed under deck.  
“Rainwater Expert Video”- Joe Pitts- Director of The James River Basin Partnership discusses why it is imperative to collect rainwater for the environment and our communities.
RainReserve Community Garden Installation.” Features a 2000 gallon rainwater harvesting system in Restaurant’s urban community garden.
“The RainReserve Story” – RainReserve describes their mission of food, water, energy and focus on triple bottom line.
So Easy my 6 year Old Can Do It- RainReserve’s Build-A-Barrel installation video.
RainReserve Info graphic Video. 1 inch of Rain + 1000 square feet = 600 gallons.
Instructional Videos
How to position your Diverter on downspout
Complete Build-A-Barrel Installation Demonstration