How It Works



Using the RainReserve Diverter, the Build-A-Barrel System diverts water from a downspout, eliminating debris and controlling overflow…The Diverter also makes winterization easy!

Hose adapter and tubing allow water to travel between the diverter and the tank.

High-flow spigot with garden hose thread is simple to install and allows for easy access to stored water.

The RainReserve Diverter kit is a solution to 5 basic problems faced when collecting rain water:

Stops overflow
When your barrel or tank is full, the Diverter automatically sends water down the down spout.

Removes Debris
The Diverter keeps debris from entering your rain tank.

Prevents Mosquito issues
The Diverter and closed tank system keep mosquitoes out, unlike a net or screen.

Easy Winterization
Your system can easily be ready for cold weather with our winterization caps.

Effective Water Use
The Diverter Kit includes our High Flow Spigot so you can easily use collected water.

The Diverter- The RainReserve Diverter redirects water from the roof, solves overflow automatically, and eliminates debris. The Diverter's rugged design withstands extreme weather and is easy to maintain. Use the RainReserve diverter with your Build-A-Barrel system or use it to make your own DIY barrel.

The Connector Kit- The connector kit attaches the Diverter to the rain barrel. It allows water to travel from the diverter to the tank. The RainReserve Connector kit comes with fittings that allow easy installation from the outside of the tank. This kit can also be used to daisy chain barrels together.

The High Flow Spigot- The RainReserve High-Flow Spigot is simple to install and is threaded to fit a garden hose. The Spigot comes with all the hardware needed for easy installation.


Inspired by his son's Legos, President andDesign Engineer, Omar Galal, created the RainReserve Build-A-Barrel System. This flexible design platform is based on consumerneeds with an emphasis on functionality. Systems are designed to utilize space and provide easy access to harvested water.RainReserve is a one stop complete solution for rainwater collection, water storage, and water use. RainReserve has over 30,000installations across the country and our team has unparalled expertise on all things Rainwater.

Panels are used to create the "tank"

  • 18x18 x1 inch Panels are built from rigid UV and freeze proof engineered polypropylene and recycled plastic.
  • Panels are held together at each end by steel and plastic pins.
  • Panels can be stacked up to 35" (2 high), and linked together to hold thousands of gallons of rain water.

The Liner

  • The liner is an ultra durable 2 Ply at 6 mil per layer of food safe, minimal out-gassing, low-density polyethylene bag place in each tank.
  • Built in 1" female threaded fittings allow liners to be connected infinitely to hold thousands and thousands of gallons of water.
  • The outer panels protect the liner from puncture, UV exposure, and unwanted pests.

The Pins

  • Plastic and metal pins are used to connect the panel units.
  • Plastic pins are used at the edges.
  • Steel pins are used for support.

The fittings

  • 1" female n NPT threaded fittings are used to connect the liner to the panels.
  • come with 2-3 fittings-allowing flexibility. Fittings can be added at any time.