Diverter Kits & Hardware

Complete and Double RainReserve kits come with all the parts you need to make a complete rain barrel system. Or mix & match an assortment of parts including the Rain Diverter, Connector Kit & Spigot Kit to create the perfect set-up for your rain barrel, cistern or tank.

Double Capacity Diverter Kit
Use to attach two tanks to one downspout.
Complete Diverter Kit
Use to turn a recycled drum or tank into a rain barrel. (Includes Diverter, Spigot, & Connector).
Basic Diverter
Use to attach existing rain barrel. (Includes Diverter & Connector).
Diverter Only Kit
Use with existing barrel.
(Includes Diverter Only).
Connector Kit
Use to add another barrel to current system or connect
your barrel to a Diverter.
High Flow Spigot Kit
Use to upgrade barrel or add a spigot.
SPADE BIT 1 and 3/16
Use to drill holes for connector kit and High Flow Spigot attachment.
DIY (Do It Yourself) RainBarrel FAQ:
Q: What prevents rainwater from going straight through the Diverter?
A: Water enters the Diverter and clings to the walls. It travels along the walls to the tubing outlets.
Q: What is the difference between an open top barrel and a closed barrel?
A: A closed barrel has no overflow opening. Example: Recycled pickle barrel. An open top barrel has either mesh filter on top or an overflow hose on the side.
Q: How high should I place the Diverter on the downspout in relation to the barrel?
A: For closed top barrels place Diverter above or at eye level with the top of the barrel. For open top barrels install the middle of the Diverter even with the top of the barrel.
Q: What do I do with the Diverter during winter months?
A: Drain the barrel. Unplug the tubing and place winterization caps on each outlet.
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