Custom Open Tank System
Build-A-Barrel Custom Open Tank System

Do you have a building without gutters?…Save your money and don't add them. Instead use that money to solve drainage, stop erosion, direct rain flow, AND harvest hundreds of gallons of free water.

Open tanks are installed along the drip line of a roof. The top of the tank is open and accepts water through an easily removable (easy to clean) filter. Link as many tanks as you need. Closed tanks can be integrated with these systems to hold extra harvested water.

The open tank can also be used on buildings with odd or oversized custom downspouts. One open tank is placed under the downspout and then linked to a closed tank system.


No Gutters? No Problem!


Tip: Use one tank unit as the "tank entrance" under an irregular downspout.


Tip: Install tank under the drip line of a roof. Mesh filter catches debris.

Build-A-Barrel Open Tank System
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