Brown Build-a-Barrel 100 Gallon Tank and Diverter Kit
Product Code: BAB 100 BROWN MAD
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The elegant and simple design of the RainReserve Build-A-Barrel system provides the perfect rainwater harvesting solution you've been looking for. Assembles in minutes and easy to install, the Build-A-Barrel 100 Gallon Kit can collect and store  up to 100 gallons of rainwater. You can build one of 5 different shapes with just 1 kit.  Each shape has different advantages:  

  • The Maximum Capacity holds the most water: 100 gallons.
  • The Container Garden holds 50 gallons at the bottom and allows you to grow plants & vegetables in the top half.
  • The Slim Design (Vertical) gives you the most water pressure and holds 75 gallons (but must be secured to a wall).
  • The Slim Design (Horizontal) can be hidden behind shrubs or bushes and holds 75 gallons (requires pump and/ or soaker hose).
  • The Shelf/Chair holds 75 gallons and allows you to place planters, outdoor d├ęcor, or your butt.

This Build-a-Barrel Kit includes the Complete RainReserve Diverter Kit, 16 panels, 32 pins, 1 liner, 1 tubing, 1 spigot and all the fittings needed for a complete 100 gallon rainwater harvesting system.