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Build-a-Barrel Intro Video

The elegant and simple design of the RainReserve Build-A-Barrel system provides the perfect rainwater harvesting solution you've been looking.  You can build one of 5 different shapes with just 1 Build-A-Barrel Complete Kit.  



Build-A-Barrel fits and blends perfectly into every type of landscape. Constructed using 'wood-like' panels made of UV resistant HDPE textured plastic that easily assemble together. Each Build-A-Barrel includes a heavy-duty liner, fittings and a diverter kit. The square design of the Build-a-Barrel tank provides a shelf for planters or other gardening accessories. It is easy to install and assembles in minutes. The small footprint of this rain barrel makes it a great option for smaller spaces.

Features & Benefits:

            -100-gallon collection and storing capacity

            -Panels built from rigid UV and freeze-proof engineered polypropylene and recycled plastic

            -High-flow spigot with garden hose thread for easy access to stored water


What you’ll get with each kit:

            -Sixteen 18”x18”x1” panels

            -One 100 gal. Liner made of 2 ply, 6 mil food safe and low-density polyethylene

            -One Diverter

            -One high-flow spigot

                    -All the fittings and hardware needed for installation

Download Build-a-Barrel Instruction Manual