Custom Closed Tank System
Build-A-Barrel Custom Closed Tank System

Using the Build-A-Barrel Technology, panels are stacked and linked together to harvest and store hundreds of gallons of rainwater. "Closed Tank" means that water is sealed inside the system, eliminating overflow and mosquito problems.

Closed tanks can be combined with Build-A-Barrel's other systems—50 gal., 100 gal., Open Tank Cube, Container Garden Cubes, and the Options Box.

Build-A-Barrel goes where no barrel has gone before!



Tip: Link tanks from the bottom to create a system that acts like one large tank, filling and emptying at the same time.


Tip: Link the first tank to the rest of the tanks at the top to make a first flush system. This creates a reservoir for the initial dirtier water that comes down in a rain event. The dirtier water will remain separated from the cleaner water.


Tip: Tanks can be configured to double as a table, or add cushions to use as a bench. Need new patio furniture? How cool would it be if your furniture also harvested rainwater?
Answer: really cool.

Build-A-Barrel Closed Tank System
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