Benefits to You

Rainwater has many valuable applications for your home, neighborhood, business or farm. It can be used to water plants, lawns and gardens, wash your car and provide livestock with drinking water. The water you collect by using RainReserve can also be used for industrial cooling needs, and as a back-up water supply for your home or business. Other advantages of RainReserve include:

  • Naturally distilled rainwater, and ambient water temperature ideal for plant life
  • Water bill cost savings
  • Water reserve for seasonal droughts and dry spells
  • Mosquito-proof design
  • Durable design withstands wide spectrum of seasonal temperatures
  • YOU can be a part of the solution by practicing water conservation

Benefits to the Environment

The potential ecological impact of RainReserve is essentially unlimited. The concept is simple – the more RainReserves we install in our homes and businesses, the more water we are able to conserve. Some of the most significant effects of water conservation for the environment include:

  • Lessening the strain on reservoirs and groundwater aquifers
  • Preventing diminishing water supplies for future generations
  • Reversing global climate change
  • Decreasing amount of storm water runoff and pollutants like fertilizers, oils, etc. to promote lake clarity and algal blooms
  • Utilizing water free of fluoride, chlorine and other additives found in tap water is healthier for plants and gardens
  • Proceeds partially reinvested in sustainability outreach efforts of Sustain Dane


"I love the concept of utilizing the abundant rain water we get here in the Northwest for watering my garden. My plants love it!"
- Rick, Portland, Ore.

"My garden thanks you and so does my checkbook!"
- Judy, Springfield, Mo.

"What a great product! Not only does it save water, but it also helps protect our oceans from storm water runoff. This is a company that makes every effort to stay green and is clearly committed to the environmental cause."
- Ryan, San Diego, Calif.

"Now more than ever, I know that it is so important to do my part to conserve our renewable resources. I will be encouraging my neighbors, friends and families to check out RainReserve and participate in the 'revolution'!"
- Elizabeth, Minneapolis, Minn.

"What a great idea to put your rainwater to good use! I only wish I would have started using it sooner."
- Justin, Shreveport, La.

"My plants loved all that free water I gave them this summer. All my container and ground flowers blossomed with good health after getting a drink of barrel water when they needed it. And I felt so smug about using that soft rain water instead of hard tap water to help them bloom. I am delighted to be a good water guardian and do my part to keep my Sister Earth healthier by using water recycled from the heavens instead of forced out of the ground."
- Ann, Middleton, Wis.