About Us

RainReserve is the invention of Enginuity, LLC, an environmentally conscious manufacturing company located in Mansfield, MO. Family owned, we operate using a Triple Bottom Line concept-People, Planet, Profit. People come first, then the planet, and then we hope to be able to provide income for our family and our community.

The RainReserve Team

Enginuity LLC is unique in that we have the capability to take an idea, create a product concept, and engineer it from start to finish literally all under one roof. We specialize in injection molding, tool creation and prototyping. All of our products, including RainReserve and Build-A-Barrel are made in the USA and most of the components are made at Enginuity.

In 2007 the RainReserve Diverter was created and is the top selling rain diverter made in the USA. In addition to the diverter, we are the only company that provides a one-stop-solution for rainwater catchment. Our products have been installed in over 30,000 households and counting.