District of Columbia Rain Barrel Rebate

In partnership with the DDOE, RainReserve offers homeowners rebate approved rain barrels.  Purchase a 100 Gallon Build-A-Barrel and receive $100 mail-in rebate!

Why Choose RainReserve?

  • Each rain barrel includes the RainReserve diverter. Our proven system easily handles overflow, prevents mosquitos and makes winterization of your rain barrel system simple.
  • On a cost per gallon of water saved, no rain barrel system provides better value than RainReserve. Our 100 gallon Build-A-Barrel rain barrel system with diverter costs just $125 after D.C. mail-in rebate*
  • RainReserve products are made in the USA
  • We delivery your rain barrel right to your doorstep.

To receive the rebate:

1. Download the application form by clicking here
2. Assess your site to determine location, volume, and type of barrel or cistern that is right for you.
3. Purchase your rain barrel. See qualifying rain barrels below.
4. Install your rain barrel.
5. Submit the rebate application*, receipt, and before and after pictures to DC Greenworks. There is a limit of two (2) rain barrel rebates per property.

How much is the rebate?

The rebate is $1 per gallon with a minimum of 50 gallons and maximum of 500 gallons.

Who is eligible?

Only residents in the District of Columbia are eligible.

Why is the District government offering rebates on rain barrels?

Rooftops comprise a large percentage of the impervious area in Washington, D.C. Rain water that flows off impervious surfaces such as rooftops, driveways, and roads flows over these surfaces to our streams, picking up pollutants on its way. In addition to water conservation, rain barrels help the environment in two ways: by allowing water to seep back into the ground slowly, naturally filtering the water and recharging the water table; and by reducing the amount of water going into our streams and rivers during heavy storms, easing stream erosion.

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