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High Flow Spigot with self sealing fittings to any barrel. Attach a hose or soaker hose.

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The Rain Barrel Spigot Kit includes a High Flow Spigot that can release up to 10 gallons per minute (GPM) and self-sealing fittings. The High Flow Large Spigot does not require inside access to the barrel or special fittings. Simply attach and seal from the outside of the tank, then attach a garden hose, in-line pump, soaker hose, drip irrigation or a bucket. To expand your setup, see the RainReserve Spade Bit, Connector Kit and RainReserve Diverter. All products are produced in the United States using sustainable materials and practices. The price of shipping in a USPS flat rate box is included in the price.



Use this kit to attach a high-flow spigot to your barrel for uses such as: connecting garden and soaker hoses, filling watering cans and irrigating your garden. This Rain Barrel Spigot Kit allows you to effectively use your already installed rain barrel's water. The spigot for a rain barrel is the best spigot on the market because of its high flow that is great for garden hoses and soaker hoses.


The Easy Seal High Flow Rain Barrel Spigot Pack has 4 essential rain barrel parts to make it usable, containing: 1 High Flow rain barrel Spigot (10 gallons per minute), 1 rain barrel spigot adapter, 1 rain barrel seal, and 1 roll of Teflon tape.