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About RainReserve

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Rain Reserve is the invention of Enginuity, LLC, an environmentally conscious manufacturing company located in Mansfield, MO. Family owned and operated by  Omar and Ania Galal, we are committed to educating the consumer and providing the very best rainwater barrels and harvesting systems on the market. Our systems are made 100% in the USA.

RainReserve is the top Rain Diverter for Rain Barrels made in the USA. The RainReserve diverts rain water from your downspout into one or more rain barrels while allowing leaves & debris to fall through and out your downspout. Our Latest product is the Build-a-Barrel. The Build-a-Barrel is a completely customizable rain barrel/tank. It can be built in many different shapes such as a container garden, shelf, or even a vertical or horizontal tank.

Our mission is to genuinely educate our community about rainwater harvesting and provide the very best rainwater harvesting products.  We want to help.  We are constantly looking for opportunities to partner with organizations to fundraise and create awareness.