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Water is more than a commodity—it is the life-sustaining substance upon which our very survival depends. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we take action to protect this valuable resource to ensure future generations can enjoy its benefits.

We developed RainReserveTM with this basic concept of water conservation in mind. It works by diverting the flow of rainwater from your gutter into a rain barrel, so you can use it however and whenever you need it.

Enginuity, LLC , an environmentally conscious engineering and custom manufacturing company based in Mansfield, MO that desings, manufactures and distributes both the single- and tandem-tank RainReserve Diverter Kits.

Today, RainReserve has evolved to become one of the highest quality and most affordable products of its kind, and is manufactured and shipped with minimal impact to the environment. We are committed to researching advancements in sustainable materials and developing products that offer increased functionality for our customer and improving product design to maximize the benefit to the environment.